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Quilter Labs – New Tone Block 202 is Available Now!

The new Quilter Labs Tone Block 202 is now available for order!  Please contact an Image Marketing Sales Rep today to setup a demo by phone (323) 703-1114 or email us at

Tone Block 202

The Tone Block 202

Our new and most full featured 200 Series amp to date! Featuring a newly designed power amp that you’ll feel as soon as you plug in, “no load required” cabinet simulated line out, a new FRFR voice for use with modelers, and much more!

Incredible Power

The Tone Block 202 is also the first of our amps to feature Pat Quilter’s newest 200 Watt Class D power amp design.You’ll feel it as soon as you plug in, notes feel bigger and hit harder.The Tone Block 202 delivers an FRFR Voice mode for use with modern day modeling systems and the pre/post line/headphone out with built in cabinet simulation for ease of use on silent stages.

An all new experience!

In creating the Tone Block 202 we wanted to put together amp that would work in any situation a profession guitarist might find themselves in. Our wattage-calibrated Master Volume knob allows you to get any level of saturation at any volume level appropriate for the gig with no tonal change. With no speaker load required and our new cabinet simulated line out on the front of the amplifier, interfacing with the PA on silent stages is easier than ever before. The universal switching power supply not only self-adjusts to worldwide voltages, but also self-adjusts to inconsistent voltages at your local bar gig or generator powered outdoor stage without any hiccups. We listened to customer requests and move the on board reverb to after the Effects Loop for better results with delay pedals.  All of this weighing in at only 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg). We recommend docking the Tone Block 202 in our BlockDock 12HD for 23 pounds (10.4kgs) of combo amp convenience that can keep up with the heaviest hitting drummers and full stack rigs.

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