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Mus!c Group – Behringer DeepMind 12 – A Lifetime in the Making

Uli Behringer at SYNTH-A-THON

Uli Behringer visited MUSIC Studios LA for the Pre-NAMM Synth-A-Thon and sat down with Roxanne Avalon to discuss his early beginnings as a musician and the evolution of DeepMind12.

Uli’s first introduction to music was through his father, who had a church organ in the house that had 1200 pipes. It was his passion and he spent his life building it. During this time as a young boy, Uli learned from him and carried the torch on into the future.

The first piece of musical equipment Uli ever made was a synthesizer when he was 16 years old. He estimates that he spent over 6,000 hours building it. All these moments lead up to Uli building the DeepMind12, which he calls “the most important thing that I have built.”

While Uli singles out both Pete Sadler and Rob Belcham for helping develop the DeepMind 12, he also gives credit to people on the forums for giving him feedback because “we want to build what you like.” Uli added that he is hiring a team of people to engineer an entire line of synths, saying “we are going to go all in… we want to build everything from $49 up to whatever you want… fasten your seat belts!”

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