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Gator’s Aluminum Pedal Board Series Kicks It Extra Large


The Gator American-Made, GPB Series Aluminum Pedal Board is now center stage with the release of its new 32” x 17”extra large size as well as the addition of an option of White finish.

The GPB-XBAK pedal boards ‘C’ Shape, angled design, and increased pedal surface provides enough space to customize your setup to include up to 20 pedals. The included hook and loop adhesive strips let you effortlessly arrange and rearrange your pedals.

The power supply brackets underneath the board allow mounting for two (2) separate power supplies to ensure ample power to all pedals. The brackets are compatible with most power supplies including the Gator G-BUS8 Power Supply (not included). Rear-facing cutouts make it easy to run power to your board while abundant angled slots on the top of the board make mounting pedals a snap.

Two large metal handle bars underneath the board allow a secure grip when lifting and moving your pedal board until you are ready to stomp, then the no-slip rubber feet keep it all anchored in place. When it comes to transporting, slip your board with pedals still mounted, into the heavy-duty, reinforced Nylon carrying bag, toss any loose items into the storage pocket and sling it over your shoulder with the adjustable, removable strap.

This new size is perfect for heavy gigging, pro-level musicians and larger boutique style pedals and is available in Black, White, Screamer Green and British Orange. As an added bonus Gator has also included the white finish option to the GPB-LAK small version as well as the GPB-BAK large version.

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