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Gator Frameworks Wall Mount Hangers Are Now Available for Ukuleles


Gator Frameworks has expanded its stylish wall mounting hangers to fit all sizes of ukuleles and mandolins. The new Hanger Series is designed to blend in with any environment making it perfect for home, studio or retail use.


The Frameworks Uke Hanger is easy to install and comes complete with mounting screws and drywall anchors in the retail friendly packaging.


The rubberized swivel yoke allows the hanger to properly cradle the neck and keep the ukulele or mandolin flawlessly perpendicular to the wall for a perfect display. The sleek black standoff ensures ample clearance from the wall while a foam wall pad protects your surface from scratches or marring.


Once installed, a decorative plate covers the mounting hardware for a clean and stylish presentation.


What truly sets the Frameworks GFW-UKE Hanger apart from the rest is the variety of decorative cover plates available. With four unique cover plates available, it will be easy to match your contemporary style with the Cherry, Mahogany, or Maple finish or go for a modern look with an all black cover plate.


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