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Gator Co. Now Distributes Hand-Crafted Gravity Guitar Picks


Gator Co is proud to announce that we are now the nationwide distributor of Gravity Guitar Picks. The California based company produces handcrafted acrylic guitar picks using a unique proprietary beveling system to provide the most consistent bevel possible while equipping you with a product that will last much longer than a standard guitar pick .


The guitar picks are offered in an array of styles, sizes, and thicknesses and feature various grip options sure to please everyone from the beginner to the master. Gravity Guitar Picks are individually hand-shaped and polished by dedicated professionals in the united states, and are thoughtfully designed to improve tone, speed, power and control.


“We’re thrilled to be distributing and supporting such fine products as Gravity Guitar Picks. The care and craftsmanship that goes into making each pick is very impressive. We look forward to putting them into the hands of guitarists everywhere”


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